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IBM Lotus Sametime Family

IBM offers a family of real-time and community collaboration products that address the entry-level, standard, and advanced needs of organizations of any size.

There are be four members of the Lotus Sametime family:
  • IBM Lotus Sametime Entry

  • IBM Lotus Sametime Standard

  • IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced

  • IBM Lotus Sametime "Unified Telephony"

IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony:

IBM® Sametime® Unified Telephony integrates telecommunications into your existing unified communications (UC) environment, so people can easily use more cost-effective telephony features. It provides one-number access to any device through rules-based intelligence, in-call management features and a softphone that allows users to place and receive calls from virtually anywhere. It masks the complexity of back-end integration with a middleware layer that provides connectivity to multiple telephone systems—both IP private branch exchange (PBX) and legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) systems—allowing you to take advantage of your existing infrastructure.

  • Presence and telephony awareness, unified phone numbers and incoming call management that show at a glance whether you are available and make it easier for callers to reach you.

  • Softphone, click-to-call, click-to-conference and call control features that let you initiate, manage and control calls easily.

  • IBM Sametime Unified Telephony dialer on Apple iOS and Google Android devices that enables you to make calls from your one unified phone number even when you are working away from your computer.

  • A simple, consistent user communications experience on the desktop client that lets you access and manage your communications from the context of what you are doing.

  • A unified communications platform that offers connectivity to back-end telephony systems with features for reliability, scalability and easier management and helps insulate the user experience from future changes to the telephony infrastructure.

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