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IBM Notes

IBM Notes

IBM® Notes® is how a modern business connects. The IBM Notes email software client simplifies today’s complex world by integrating messaging, business applications and social collaboration into one easy-to-use workspace. IBM Notes goes wherever you go, helping you work smarter and faster to provide better business results.

IBM Notes email software helps you:
  • Work anywhere, anytime with the flexibility to use your choice of handheld devices.

  • Bring the world to you with a single point of access to key business information.

  • Tap your network to quickly locate the people and content you need.

  • Get work done by simplifying your experience and focusing on what is important.

IBM LotusLive Notes:

LotusLive Notes is a full featured, e-mail service that delivers enterprise scale messaging for small, medium and large enterprises. Delivered as a software-as-a-service solution, LotusLive Notes enables businesses to rapidly roll out leading-edge messaging capabilities for users at predictable costs and with limited capital investment and IT management. And unlike competitive offerings, LotusLive Notes builds upon years of IBM expertise in delivering highly available and security rich services.

LotusLive Notes Features:
  • E-mail Features: greater mail box size, conversation thread, flag mail by importance etc.

  • Calendar Features: Schedule meetings, appointments and reminders etc.

  • Instant Messaging Features: Instant messaging histories and transcripts, Rich text and custom emoticons etc.

  • Security Features: Built-in spam and virus protection services etc.

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler:

IBM® Notes® Traveler is push email software that provides quick access to email, calendar and contacts from a wide range of mobile devices or tablets. This no charge mobile offering is available for IBM Notes and Domino® users. Enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce with this security-rich software.

IBM Notes Traveler (formerly IBM Lotus® Notes Traveler):
  • Is designed to keep your users connected and productive with full-featured email for smartphones and tablets.

  • Is security-rich, helping to safeguard sensitive data while enhancing compliance with your corporate policies?

  • Enhances administrator productivity and helps optimize network throughput.

IBM Lotus iNotes:

IBM® iNotes® (formerly IBM Lotus® iNotes) is a full-featured web-based version of the IBM Notes® client. IBM iNotes provides browser access to IBM Notes email, calendar and contacts. This software includes social capabilities that provide easier access to expertise, information and business applications, leading to increased productivity and better business results.

IBM Lotus iNotes Features:
  • Quick access to email, calendar, and social collaboration tools within a zero-footprint, simple-to-use browser experience on a variety of web browsers throughout multiple platforms.

  • Support for social capabilities including activity streams and embedded experiences, which are designed to help your organization become a productive social business.

  • Excellent performance in a security-rich environment on high-speed and low-speed networks, along with mobile.

  • Efficient and simple ways to sort, search and filter email.

  • Rich, full-featured calendar support including the ability to display your calendar invitations in different ways.

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