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IBM® Domino® is an advanced platform for hosting social business applications. It delivers scalable, security-rich applications at a low cost, helping you improve productivity, accelerate operations and enhance decision-making.

  • Low cost of ownership - minimizing administration needs through automated installations, policies and monitoring helps staff focus on higher value tasks.

  • Minimized infrastructure - reducing costs by using less power, memory, data storage, network bandwidth and servers.

  • Rich application environment - supporting workflow-driven and people-oriented applications that help a wide variety of business operations deliver enhanced results.

  • Security-rich - helping protect your critical business assets. You can control information access, protect information and guarantee document authenticity.Get work done by simplifying your experience and focusing on what is important.

  • High availability - featuring advanced clustering, replication, server fault recovery and automated diagnostic tools.

IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server for LotusLive:

IBM® Lotus® Domino® Utility Server for LotusLive, a new cloud-focused licensing model, simplifies the discussion and buying decision for deploying Lotus Domino collaborative applications in the cloud and moving end users to IBM's best-in-class, cloud-based messaging for the enterprise, LotusLive Notes®. Many organizations today want to manage infrastructure through streamlined, predictable costs with pervasive connectivity, high availability, and flexible deployment options.

  • Instead of paying per-user software subscription to continue to use Notes/Domino applications, regardless of client/browser access method, you can now switch to a server-only based licensing model.

  • Instead of paying for everyone in an organization to continue to use those applications, you can pay for anyone in the organization to use those applications.

  • Many organizations have wanted to separate the mail and applications discussion. This new approach recognizes that trend and addresses it for businesses moving to the cloud.

  • In addition to the full-featured, enterprise-ready email, calendaring, and contact management services, which are accessible via a web browser or Lotus Notes® client, LotusLive Notes customers now have a clear path forward for moving collaborative Domino applications to the cloud, as well.

  • Supplies a simple path for customers moving to the cloud.

  • Lowers the barrier for customers wanting to move their Domino applications into a cloud model.

  • Includes access to both LotusLive Notes services and Domino applications - via a web browser or Notes client.

  • May be utilized with other "pay as you go" offerings through IBM Cloud, Amazon EC2, or business partners providing Domino application hosting services.

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino:

The latest version of the Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition delivers enhanced value to power social businesses with improved collaboration, mobile and application development capabilities.

  • IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 Social Edition helps one create a more effective workforce by deeply integrating social and business information to engage expertise, share and gather information, and improve decisions.

  • With IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 Social Edition, one get a series of quality and usability enhancements to help power social businesses, additional accessibility support for IBM Domino and enhancements from IBM Notes Traveler V9.0.0.1.

  • IBM Notes and Domino brings business applications and social collaboration together. It weaves social capabilities right at the point where users are working at the moment, helping to accelerate business operations, improve decision making, and enhance productivity. It is a complete solution to help end users work efficiently from virtually anywhere, at any time, with the people and information they need right at their fingertips.

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